JAG Assessors

JAG accreditation assessments are undertaken by an assessment team comprising of a medical, nurse and a management assessor if the service undertakes training. Assessors are the face of the accreditation scheme and have a critical role in assessing services for accreditation, providing a fair, comprehensive and transparent assessment and suggestions for quality improvement. The JAG assessors can be contacted through the JAG office.

Medical assessors


Riaz Dor


North Middlesex UniversityHospitals NHS Trust


Simon Dunlop


Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust


John Green


Cardiff & Vale NHS Trust


Chris Healey


Airedale NHS Trust


Sanchoy Sark


Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals Trust


John O'Donohue


Lewisham Healthcare NHS Trust

Nurse Assessors   

Susan Broughall 


Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust 

Rachael Follows




Ian Fretwell


Chesterfield RoyalHospital NHS Foundation Trust 


Deborah Gibson


North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust 


Helen Griffiths


Wye Valley NHS Trust


Beverley Raven


Ramsay Health Care UK Operations Limited 


Saffron Flower


Weston Area Health NHS Trust


Susan McConnell


County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust


Wendy Kentish


The Royal London Hospital 

Management leads  

Vikki Jackson


Aintree Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 


Debbie Johnston




Claire Lloyd




Richard Fowler


Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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