Patient safety (ISREE)

The JAG safety (previously ISREE) initiative promotes learning from medical errors and patient safety incidents. 

This initiative was developed from the premise that to make endoscopy services safer, we need to better understand, record, and draw on patient safety incidents as opportunities for learning.

Want a chance to win a £50 voucher for you endoscopy team? Send us a short case summary of a patient safety incident you have experienced and let us do the rest! You will receive the voucher when your case summary has been chosen for publication. Your submission will always be published anonymously.

Learning from endoscopy patient safety incidents: case of the month

Each month JAG publishes a case of the month highlighting a real life clinical scenario which has impacted patient safety. Case studies are contributed by JAG leads and endoscopy services across the UK and are designed to provide a opportunity for discussion and to share learning. 

Read our case studies below:

  A mugful of coffee ground vomit             Going down the rabbit hole    Mind the patch
  Forget me not Pass the baton
 Wrong site endoscopy

Losing the pot

TB or not TB? A question of infection control             

Safe health workers, safe patients            

‘Upper GI-only’ for rectal bleeding

Getting inked  The naughty chair
 How clean is clean?    

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