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Administrative validation
(waiting list) A process to assess appropriateness of patient remaining on waiting list

Auditable outcome
An auditable outcome is a measure for which no recommended standard is defined

This is a trained JAG representative who will undertake the JAG Visits as an impartial Assessor.

Bowel Cancer Screening Programme

The removal of a sample of tissue for purposes of diagnosis. (Many definitions of "biopsy" stipulate that the sample of tissue is removed for examination under a microscope. This may or may not be the case. The diagnosis may be achieved by other means such as by analysis of chromosomes or genes.)

The process of enabling the patient to choose and prebook the date of their appointment or admission.

Booking Guidance
A set of information related to a specific service, such as exclusion, any particular booking requirements or rules, procedures performed or conditions treated.

British Society for Gastroenterologists

British Sign Language

This is the ultimate result for a JAG Visit. Any JAG Certified Units will receive a JAG Certificate signed by the Chair of the JAG Committee.

Clinical Governance
A framework through which NHS organisations are accountable for continually improving the quality of their services and safeguarding high standards of care.

Clinical Lead
This is the allocated member of the JAG Visit Team who is an Assessor specialising in audit, waiting lists and the patient booking process.

Clinical validation
Clinical validation of procedures at a reasonable interval before they are due is a sufficient process for testing appropriateness.

is the endoscopic examination of the large colon and the distal part of the small bowel with a CCD camera or a fibre optic camera on a flexible tube passed through the anus. It may provide a visual diagnosis (e.g. ulceration, polyps) and grants the opportunity for biopsy or removal of suspected lesions.

Deferred Certification
This is when Certification is conditional upon a Review by Documentation or a Review by Revisit. Also referred to as: Provisional Certification in Scotland

Did Not Attend - where a patient fails to turn up for an appointment or admission.

Diagnostic procedure
A procedure undertaken to aid diagnosis

Direct booking
Where the patient is able to negotiate and agree appointment directly with service

Department of Health, this is the department that supports the Government to improve the health and well being of the population

Direct Observation of Procedural Skills. DOPS is designed to evaluate the performance of a trainee in undertaking a practical procedure, against a structured checklist.  The trainee receives immediate feedback to identify strengths and areas for development.

Equality and Diversity Policy

A lighted optical instrument used to get a deep look inside the body and examine organs such as the throat or esophagus. An endoscope can be rigid or flexible

Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography
A procedure that uses an endoscope to examine and x-ray the pancreatic duct, hepatic duct, common bile duct, duodenal papilla, and gallbladder. An endoscope is a thin, tube-like instrument with a light and a lens for viewing. The endoscope is passed through the mouth and down into the first part of the small intestine (duodenum). A smaller tube (catheter) is then inserted through the endoscope into the bile and pancreatic ducts. A dye is injected through the catheter into the ducts, and an x-ray is taken. Also called ERCP

Endoscopy is a broad term used to described examining the inside of the body using an lighted, flexible instrument called an endoscope. In general, an endoscope is introduced into the body through a natural opening like the mouth or anus. Although endoscopy can include examination of other organs, the most common endoscopic procedures evaluate the esophagus (swallowing tube), stomach, and portions of the intestine.

Also known as EGD or upper endoscopy. A procedure that enables the examiner (usually a gastroenterologist) to examine the esophagus (the swallowing tube), stomach, and duodenum (the first portion of small bowel) using a thin flexible tube (a "scope") that can be looked through or seen on a TV monitor.

Endoscopy Reporting System

Essence of Care
‘Essence of Care’ Patient-focused Benchmarks for Clinical Governance’ provides a tool to help practitioners to take a patient-focused and structured approach to sharing and comparing practice

Agreed level of staffing

Electronic booking
A booking confirmed through the Electronic booking service.

Flexible Working Policy

Full Booking
The patient is given the opportunity to agree a date on (or within one working day of) the referral or decision to admit

A physician who specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, including the oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, and biliary system.

Adjective referring collectively to the stomach and small and large intestines.

Global Rating Scale. The GRS is a tool that enables Units to assess how well they provide a patient-centred service. The GRS is a web-based assessment tool that makes a series of statements requiring a yes or no answer. From the answers it automatically calculates the GRS scores, which provides a summary view of your service. For further information, refer to www.grs.nhs.uk, the official website for GRS.

Hospital Information System a computerised administrative solution that assists with planning, tracking and recording the patients attendance throughout their visit to the trust.

Information Management and Technology. Name given to local NHS Trust IT departments

In-house/local arrangement

The items beneath each dimension give a more detailed picture of what the dimension consists of

Improving Working Lives

Joint Advisory Group for GI Endoscopy

JAG Visits website
This is the website where all JAG Visit administration occurs. All parties to a visit, the JAG Office, Assessors, Units and the JAG Review Board will have access to the applicable visit information. This website may be accessed via www.jagvisits.org.uk.

JAG Visits
This is the process whereby a JAG Visit Team conducts a face-to-face visit with a Unit to validate the Unit GRS scores and assess the unit environment and decontamination facilities.

JAG Office
This is the administrative hub of the JAG, and the main contact for any JAG Visit enquiries.

JAG Online Checklist
This is the section of the website where a Unit is required to answer all questions, upload all evidence and communicate with their assigned Assessors

JAG Review Board
This board reviews all JAG Visit reports prior to being sent to the chair for approval.

JAG Visit Team
This is the allocated team of Assessors who will undertake the JAG Visits.

JAG Approval Letter
This is the letter issued with all of the key recommendations that have been finalised by the Chair of the JAG Review Board

JAG Visit Report
This document details all domains and measures that were assessed during the JAG Visit, and the outcomes, including GRS Score validation and key recommendations.

Key Unit Contact
This is the person allocated by the Unit who will be the main contact for the JAG Office, the JAG Visit Team on the day of the visit and who will be responsible for ensuring the accurate, timely and complete upload of all evidence onto the JAG Online Checklist.

Nurse Lead
This is the allocated member of the JAG Visit Team who is a specialist assessor from the Nursing perspective.

Key Safety Indicator refers to a measure with a predefined standard

Knowledge Management System within the Global Rating Scale

Knowledge and Skills Framework

Multi Disciplinary Team

National Institute for Clinical Excellence. Part of the NHS, its role is to provide patients, health professionals and the public with authoritative, robust and reliable guidance on current “best practice”.

Patient Advice and Liaison Service. Provides advise & support to patients, friends & carers and helps resolve problems quickly

Partial Booking
The patient is notified at referral of the potential wait, the patient is then contacted at approximately 6 weeks before the date they will be seen , asking them to call the hospital to agree a date and time.

Patient Administration System a computerised administrative system that assists with planning, tracking and recording the patients attendance throughout their visit to the trust.

Personal Development Plan Polyp: A mass of tissue that develops on the inside wall of a hollow organ, as within the colon or rectum. Most polyps have a single pedicle. Polyps may be benign, premalignant, or malignant

Public Patient Involvement

Pre JAG visit
Preliminary needs assessment visit by a team to advise and support in preparation for a formal JAG Visit

Productivity in the endoscopy sense refers to the relationship of all the service inputs to the most relevant (and measurable) service outputs. Inputs would include all costs, including plant, equipment, IT and consumables.

Review by Documentation
This is when a Unit is given Deferred Certification based on further documentation being submitted for approval.

Review by Re-visit
This is when a Unit is given Deferred Certification based on further documentation being submitted, along with a revisit of the Unit by one or more Assessors from the JAG Visit Team.

Race Equality Scheme

Strategic Health Authority: Set up to develop strategies for the NHS, and to make sure the local NHS organisations are performing well.

Shadow Observer
This person will not be a member of the JAG Visit Team, but will observe the JAG Visit as a part of their training to become a JAG Assessor.

is the minimally invasive medical examination of the large intestine from the rectum through the last part of the colon. There are two types of sigmoidoscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy, which uses a flexible endoscope, and rigid sigmoidoscopy, which uses a rigid device.

Ensure appropriate recall of identified patients

Therapeutic procedure
A procedure performed where action is taken to improve/relieve symptoms

Training Lead
This is the allocated member of the JAG Visit Team who is an Assessor specialising on the GRS Training domains.

Train the Trainers

This refers to the Endoscopy Unit.

Virtual colonoscopy
Uses 2D and 3D imagery reconstructed from computed tomography (CT) scans or from nuclear magnetic resonance (MR) scans, is also possible, as a totally non-invasive medical test

Visit Kit
This is a set of documents that will be provided to the Unit upon formal confirmation of their JAG Visits. The Visit Kit will hold all essential information, including a set of JAG Visit guidelines for Units.

Visit Timetable
This is a document, prepared by the Unit and approved by the Assessors that will provide and schedule for the JAG Visit.

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