Participating services

CountrySectorAssessed: Criteria metAssessed: Criteria met - Level 1QA ProcessAssessed: Improvements required - level 1Assessed: Accreditation not awardedNot assessed: Visit pendingNot AssessedTotal
Northern IrelandAcute0101301116
Republic of IrelandAcute8015301835
New ZealandAcute0000002929

The table below lists all endoscopy services that are currently participating in the JAG accreditation programme.

The statuses available to services are:

Not assessed

The service has not yet undergone a JAG assessment, or has been previously accredited but their accreditation has since lapsed.

Not assessed: visit pending

The service has not yet undergone a JAG assessment, but has an assessment visit scheduled or is in the process of arranging a visit.

QA process

The service has been assessed and the resulting report is at the post assessment quality assurance stage.

Assessed: criteria met

The service has been assessed and has met all of the JAG accreditation criteria and is accredited for one year.

Assessed: improvements required

The service has been assessed and does not meet all of the JAG criteria. JAG accreditation is deferred to allow the unit to make improvements. A review by documentation or a re-visit will take place following a maximum period of 6 months.

Assessed: accreditation not awarded

The service has been assessed, but did not met the JAG criteria following the JAG Assessment visit and the maximum improvements required period of six months.

Services in New Zealand and the paediatric services are currently in the self-assessment phase of the programme and are therefore not able to undergo a full assessment for accreditation.

CountrySectorTrustUnitCurrent Accreditation Status
ScotlandCommunityNHS GrampianAberdeen Community Health Care VillageNot Assessed
ScotlandAcuteNHS GrampianAberdeen Royal InfirmaryNot Assessed
ScotlandCommunityNHS GrampianAboyne HospitalNot Assessed
EnglandAcuteCambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustAddenbrooke's HospitalAssessed: Criteria met
EnglandPaediatricCambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustAddenbrooke's Hospital - paediatricsNot Assessed
EnglandAcuteAiredale NHS Foundation TrustAiredale General HospitalAssessed: Criteria met
EnglandPaediatricAlder Hey Children's NHS Foundation TrustAlder Hey Children's HospitalNot Assessed
EnglandAcuteWorcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS TrustAlexandra HospitalAssessed: Accreditation not awarded
EnglandCommunityNorthumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation TrustAlnwick InfirmaryNot Assessed
Northern IrelandAcuteWestern Health & Social Care TrustAltnagelvin Area HospitalAssessed: Improvements required - level 1
EnglandCommunityHampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustAndover War Memorial HospitalAssessed: Criteria met
Northern IrelandAcuteNorthern Heath & Social Care TrustAntrim HospitalNot Assessed
EnglandAcuteWirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation TrustArrowe Park HospitalAssessed: Criteria met
New ZealandAcuteCanterbury DHBAshburton HospitalNot Assessed
EnglandIndependentRamsay Health CareAshtead HospitalAssessed: Criteria met
New ZealandAcuteAuckland DHBAuckland HospitalNot Assessed
EnglandCommunityRoyal Devon And Exeter NHS Foundation TrustAxminster HospitalNot Assessed
ScotlandAcuteNHS Ayrshire & ArranAyrshire HospitalNot Assessed
ScotlandAcuteNHS OrkneyBalfour HospitalNot Assessed
Republic of IrelandAcuteBantry General HospitalBantry General HospitalNot Assessed

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