Accreditation assessors

JAG accreditation assessments are undertaken by an assessment team comprising a medical, nurse, lay, and management assessor if the service undertakes training. Assessors are the face of the accreditation programme and have a critical role in assessing services for accreditation, providing a fair, comprehensive and transparent assessment and suggestions for quality improvement. The JAG assessors can be contacted through the JAG office.

Medical assessors


Riaz Dor 

Queen's Hospital, University Hospitals of Derby 

Riaz is a Consultant Gastroenterologist at University Hospitals of Derby and Burton and has a passion for endoscopy training and quality. He became a  JAG assessor in 2013.

Imran Ghanghro
Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospital NHS Trust


Imran is a Consultant Gastroenterologist and Clinical lead at Sandwell & West Birmingham NHS trust. His interest are Bowel cancer screening and complex polyps. In addition, he is also involved in various JAG Endoscopy Training courses.

Emma Greig 

Practice Plus Group 

Emma Is the Clinical Director for Endoscopy at the Practice Plus Group. Emma   Joined JAG in 2017 and became a Lead Assessor in 2021

Simon Hellier 

Gloucestershire NHS Foundation Trust

Mark Jarvis 

Gastroenterologist Basildon Hospital 

Veera Karri 

United Lincolnshire NHS Hospitals Trust 

Veera Karri works as an Associate Specialist in General Surgery and Colorectal Surgery. He has been doing endoscopies from 2006 and is the clinical lead for Grantham Hospital endoscopy unit 


Nasser Khan 

East and North Herts NHS Trust 

Nasser Khan is a consultant gastroenterologist, LNC Chair and Endoscopy Lead at East and North Herts NHS Trust. 

Iain Murray 

Dumfries Gastro Services Ltd

Iain Murray is a consultant gastroenterologist, retired from full-time NHS work but working as a locum. He has worked with JAG for over 10 years 

Aravinth Murugananthan 

Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust 

Aravinth is the Midlands Endoscopy Training Academy Clinical Director and also lead the clinical team for the delivery of HEE National Clinical Endoscopy Training Programme via Birmingham City University. 

 John O'Donohue 

Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust 

John is a Consultant Physician and Gastroenterologist, NHS Lead for Bowel Cancer Screening London and an experienced JAG assessor.  

Simon Panter 

South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust 

Simon is a consultant gastroenterologist and Director of Medical Education at South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust. He has been involved in endoscopy management, service development and teaching/training. 

Rex Polson 

University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust/ Solihull Hospital 

Rex is a Consultant Gastroenterologist at Solihull Hospital since Nov 1991, and has been involved with JAG since the start. 

Pam Rawal 

Westcliffe Health Innovations based at Eccleshill Treatment Centre 

Pam Rawal has been a GP Endoscopist for over 20 years. She has worked with teams across the South West to improve patient pathways with NHSE, HEE and the JAG accreditation team 

Sanchoy Sankar 

Liverpool University Foundation Trust 


Edmond Sung 

George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust

Dr. Sung is a consultant gastroenterologist at the George Eliot Hospital. His research MD was based on hunger mechanisms in Chron's disease, immunology, and cancer chemotherapy. He is the lead clinician at his trust. 

Nurse assessors


Noreen Brennan   

St Vincents Private Hospital Dublin                                          

Warren Chapman 

Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust

Warren is an Advanced Clinical Practitioner Endoscopy Specialty Lead. He has served on the BSG nurses’ group. Previously been chair of the Midlands Gastroenterology Nurses Society.


Vicki Egan-Kenneth 

InHealth Group

Vicki is a Clinical Lead Nurse for Training and Education at InHealth. Vicki is an active member of the BSG, most recently registering as a mentor. 

Rachel Follows 

Independent assessor

Rachel is a National Clinical Advisor for Health Education England

Deborah Gibson 

Cumberland Infirmary Carlisle – North Cumbria Integrated Care Trust

Deborah is a Lead Nurse Endoscopist who has been involved in Endoscopy for over 20 years. She has been part of the accreditation team since 2013. 

Helen Griffiths 

Powys Teaching Health Board

Helen has contributed to the development of endoscopy services during her thirty three career in the speciality. This includes roles as a nurse consultant, clinical endoscopist, national nurse advisor to the NHSBCSP, decontamination advisor to the BSG, and as a lead assessor for JAG.

Chris Howard

Countess of Chester NHS Trust

Chris is an Endoscopy Practitioner at the Countess of Chester NHS Trust Hospital. 

Wendy Kentish 

Barts Health NHS Trust

Wendy is a Senior Nurse Endoscopist at Barts health NHS Trust 


Shelia King 

Mater Misercordiae University Hospital


Joanne Lock 

Nuffield Hospital Plymouth 

Joanne is a Deputy Theatre Manager (Clinical) and Lead Endoscopy Nurse at Nuffield Hospital Plymouth. 

Sarah Marshall 

St. Mark’s Bowel Cancer Screening Centre (Harrow) | London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust

Sarah has been Involved in endoscopy for almost 20 years working as an endoscopy nurse and senior sister. Sarah joined JAG as a technical nurse assessor in 2017 & became lead nurse for JAG from 2020-2023

Beverley Raven 

Ramsay Health Care (Woodthorpe Hospital Nottingham)

Beverley is employed as National Endoscopy Lead for Ramsay Healthcare. She has worked as a JAG assessor for many years as both nurse and lead assessor also as lead nurse for JAG for two years.

Julia Wood 

Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Julia is an experienced senior nurse with over 35 years’ experience who has been closely involved with Endoscopy since 1996. She has been a JAG assessor since 2017



Management assessors


Richard Fowler 

Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust 

Richard is an Operational Manager for Frimley Health Foundation Trust. He has been a JAG assessor since 2018. 

Chris Fuglesang Jarvis 


Chris has worked in the NHS for over 20 years, in multiple clinical and managerial roles and in multiple NHS Trusts. More recently he has been an interim General Manager/Improvement Consultant for the NHS.

Nabeel Hussain 

Barts NHS Health Trust 

Nabeel is a Deputy Divisional Manager – Surgery, Peri-operative Medicine and Critical Care

Vikki Jackson 

Liverpool University NHS Foundation Trust 

Vikki is a Director of Operational Planning for Integration at Liverpool University NHS Foundation Trust.

Robin Jago 

Isle of Wight NHS Trust

Debbie Johnston 


Lena King 

Sussex BCSP 

Lena is a Lead Nurse and General Manager within an acute trust. Her healthcare experience spans over 30 years with areas of expertise in Endoscopy, Cancer Screening, Clinical Governance, Quality Assurance and Research. Lena has been a JAG assessor for over 15 years. 

Claire Lloyd 


Alison Marsh 

Lancashire and South Cumbria ICS 

Richard Marshall 

St Vincent's Private Hospital 


Deirdre Pyne

St Vincent's Private Hospital 

Kathryn Royle 

Yeovil District Hospital Somerset 

Kathryn has worked in endoscopy services for the past 20 years, firstly as a staff nurse, progressing to the Unit manager/Matron at Yeovil hospital.


Lay Assessors 


Sam Atcheson 

Dominique Buchholz 

Carl Flint  

Veronica Garbett 

Jacqui Gath 

Jeffrey Goodwin  

Kate Gray 

Liz Harlaar  

Andy Hudson  

Megan Moore 

Linda Parker 

Lesley Shannon 

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