Become an assessor

Are you interested in becoming a JAG assessor? 

The Joint Advisory Group on GI Endoscopy (the JAG) invites applications from persons interested in becoming a JAG assessor for the following roles:

Assessors will work as part of a team to perform accreditation assessments on endoscopy services.

The successful applicants will undergo a comprehensive training programme and will be fully supported in the role.

Applicants should complete this form and email it to

The closing date for applications is 15 December 2023.

Lay assessor recruitment

The accreditation unit (AU) at the RCP is recruiting lay assessors to represent the needs of patients and service users in accreditation assessments.   

The AU delivers a supportive process of evaluating the quality of clinical services against a nationally agreed set of standards, highlighting good practice and areas of change and encourages the continued development of clinical services, as well as delivering workforce training programmes to ensure they reach their potential and deliver high quality services. The AU runs 6 clinical service accreditation programmes in the following areas: 

Endoscopy (JAG) 

Allergy (IQAS) 

Primary Immunodeficiency (QPIDS)  

Liver (IQILS) 

Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PRSAS) 

Diabetes (DCAP) 

We are currently recruiting lay assessors who are patients or members of the public who bring their own experience, fresh insight, and an independent perspective to the accreditation process. Lay assessors will have a specific role in the accreditation assessment representing the views of patients and the public. They will be required to ask powerful questions and contribute to the accreditation process, offering fresh views and a reality check rather than to formally represent a group of patients or the public.  

No formal qualifications are required, simply a commitment to support the continued development of healthcare through the accreditation process, an objective approach, a genuine interest in participation and an ability to constructively challenge the views and assumptions of professionals. 

Deadline: 5pm 19 December 2023 

To apply for the role, download an application pack here

If you have further questions, please contact


Nurse assessor interest

If you are interested in a nurse assessor role, please email with the following information:

  • Name 
  • Job title 
  • Organisation
  • Service 


Once you have provided us with these details, we will record your expression of interest. Once we start recruiting for a nurse assessor position, we will then contact you to let you know recruitment has started, and also invite you to complete an application. You can learn more about our JAG assessor roles below. 

  Medical assessors - focus on clinical practice, safety, audit and training. 

 Nurse assessors - focus on environment and decontamination, workforce and training, and audits. 

  Management assessors - focuses on patient access, waiting lists and booking systems. 

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