Become an assessor

JAG assessor interest 

If you are interested in a JAG assessor role, please email with the following information:

  • Name 
  • Job title 
  • Organisation
  • Service 


Once you have provided us with these details, we will record your expression of interest. Once we start recruiting for the relevant position, we will then contact you to let you know recruitment has started, and also invite you to complete an application. You can learn more about our JAG assessor roles below. 

  Medical assessors focus on clinical practice, safety, audit and training. 

 Nurse assessors - focus on environment and decontamination, workforce and training, and audits. 

  Management assessors focus on patient access, waiting lists and booking systems. 

Being an Assessor for the Accreditation Unit at the Royal College of Physicians 

In this episode we are joined by AU assessor, Rachael Follows, to look at the ins and outs of being an assessor, not just for JAG, but for the Accreditation Unit at the Royal College of Physicians, which JAG is a part of. 

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