Guidance documents

JAG publishes a range of guidance documents to services about all aspects of JAG accreditation, JETS, JETS Workforce, NED and BCSA. All guidance documents are listed here, posted on our website and tweeted on the JAG twitter account.

You should also check our COVID-19 page, which lists guidance specific to COVID-19.

Guidance - Outsourcing to non-accredited provider

This guidance supports the commissioning, governance and operational arrangements when commissioning to a non-accredited provider (allowed only as a temporary measure in response to COVID-19).

Insourcing guidance

This guidance provides requirements to ensure that the commissioning, governance and operational arrangements are safe and effective for patients who have a procedure performed by an insourcing provider. 

Guide to the quality and safety standards

This guidance assists endoscopy services and assessors in their preparation for a JAG accreditation assessment. It defines JAG’s expectations for monitoring in the safety and quality domains (CQ2 and CQ4). 

Managing underperformance in endoscopists

This guidance provides endoscopists and service leads with a UK-focused framework for managing suspected underperformance, with reference to existing BCSP protocols.

Sharing information with JAG

This document provides guidance to service when sharing information with JAG as part of an accreditation assessment.

Trans nasal endoscopy

This briefing aims to provide guidance to ensure that trans nasal endoscopy services are undertaken in the same high quality and safe manner as trans oral endoscopy.

JAG approved Regional Training Centres and JAG accreditation

This guidance sets out what is expected of regional training centres to ensure local patient care is optimised whilst providing  JAG approved endoscopy courses. 

Use of endoscopy as an inpatient area

This guidance clarifies JAG's position on the use of endoscopy as an inpatient area, and explains how this may affect a service's accreditation status.

Achieving a JAG compliant endoscopy environment (UK)

Achieving a JAG compliant endoscopy environment (Republic of Ireland)

This guidance assists endoscopy services in their preparation for a JAG accreditation assessment. It defines the essential components required to demonstrate a high quality, safe and patient-focused environment. 


Guidance - ERCP performed outside of the endoscopy department

This guidance outlines the requirements for ERCP occurring outside the endoscopy department, specifically in radiology. 

Guidance - ERCP performed in independent hospitals

This guidance offers support in demonstrating compliance with ERCP requirements for independent hospitals.

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