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The annual subscription grants services access to the following programmes:

  • JAG accreditation, including access to the GRS
  • The JAG Endoscopy Training programme (JETS)
  • The JETS Workforce programme (JETSW)
  • The National Endoscopy Database (NED)

In addition, the JAG annual subscription also funds the central costs of running JAG and its programmes (based in the Royal College of Physicians), as well as the JAG research programme.


You can register for JAG accreditation here.

You'll need to raise a purchase order for the relevant subscription fee amount, (see below), and provide the PO number in your application.

JAG is funded directly by registered services, which pay an annual subscription.

The subscription runs April to March each year.


Annual subscription

The JAG annual subscription is applied per site and all services are invoiced on this basis. The annual subscription was increased in April 2023.

UK services


Annual subscription (excl VAT)

Acute services, and any services where endoscopy training is provided £3,500
Independent acute£3,600 
Independent non-acute£3,100 
Non-acute services £3,000

Acute services include most NHS hospitals. A comprehensive endoscopy service is provided with emergency / out of hours cover. Most (but not all) will manage GI bleeds and training of endoscopists is often undertaken.

Non-acute services includes some NHS hospitals, the independent sector and community / GP services. They do not treat emergency patients, manage GI bleeds or train endoscopists. As well as diagnostic endoscopy, some therapeutic procedures eg colonic polypectomy may be performed. Higher risk patients do not have endoscopy in this setting.

Services in Ireland

Our commitment to transparency and clarity for services in The Republic of Ireland is exemplified through well-defined distinctions among different hospital models. These models cater to diverse service sizes and allow us to align subscription fees accordingly.

Model 2 Hospitals

Model 2 hospitals fall under the 'small' services category and offer the majority of hospital activity. These hospitals provide extended day surgery, selected acute medicine, and the treatment of local injuries. Furthermore, they offer an extensive range of diagnostic services encompassing endoscopy, laboratory medicine, point-of-care testing, and advanced radiology techniques (including CT scans, ultrasounds, and plain film X-rays). Patients also have access to specialised rehabilitation medicine and comprehensive palliative care.

Model 3 Hospitals

Model 3 hospitals are classed as 'large' services, offering all the amenities available in Model 2 hospitals, alongside 24/7 acute surgery, acute medicine, and critical care services.

Model 4 Hospitals

Model 4 hospitals are also classed as 'large' services and share similarities with Model 3 hospitals but also offer tertiary care. Additionally, certain locations offer supra-regional care, broadening the scope of advanced medical treatments accessible to a wider population.

Sector Annual subscription   (excl VAT)
Large services £3,400 
Private sector £3,100
Small services£2,900

Separately funded programmes

The following JAG programmes are funded outside the annual subscription:

  • Bowel Cancer Screener accreditation (BCSA), is funded by screening centres and is not included in the JAG annual subscription.. In addition, candidates applying for accreditation are required to pay an accreditation fee directly to their assessment centre.
  • Paediatric services pay an annual subscription of £500 per service, per year to access the global rating scale quality improvement tool and, where applicable, to use JETS, JETS Workforce and NED. Paediatric services which are formally part of an organisation which has an adult service that is a member of JAG are not required to pay this separate paediatric annual subscription.
  • JAG provide bespoke services internationally, funded separately to the JAG annual subscription.

Other fees

The annual subscription is designed to be inclusive of the majority of costs arising as a result of engaging with our programmes. The following activities may result in additional costs. Please note that this list is non-exhaustive.

  • Accreditation training days
  • Activities falling outside the normal pathway of accreditation, such as bespoke assessments or late cancellations of assessments (charged at cost)
  • JAG certification administration fee (£70 per trainee per certification). The JETS certification fee is spent on maintaining and developing the JETS programme.
  • Training courses offered at JAG approved training centres are funded by delegates (or their organisation) with payment made directly to the training centre
  • JAG approved training centres pay an annual subscription (£1000 per year) for use of JETS to advertise courses and for quality assurance of their centre and courses. This fee is separate to the JAG annual subscription.


The annual subscription grants access to the above mentioned programmes. It is not possible to pay part of the annual subscription to gain access to individual programmes.

Non‐payment of the annual subscription or cancellation of a service’s registration with JAG will result in the withdrawal of all of the above inclusions until payment is received.

Please read carefully and take any action requested - this message will not be shown the next time you log in