Greener Endoscopy

JAG is invested in helping your service move towards becoming more sustainable. On this page you will find helpful resources to help your service achieve GRS standard 1.9. The service has a green endoscopy working group to reduce the environmental impact of the service and initiates at least one environmental initiative.


'Most of us recycle and are increasingly environmentally aware in our everyday lives. Yet at work sustainability is not always considered. I think we could do better. That is why I am excited about the recent introduction of GRS standard 1.9 “The service has a green endoscopy working group to reduce the environmental impact of the service and initiates at least one environmental initiative.” The standard is level A which means it is currently aspirational. Some units are really getting behind this, and we have seen some great examples of innovative practice. I see standard 1.9 as a first step in the right direction. There is plenty of scope for improvement. We really have the potential to make a significant impact.'- Mark Jarvis Chair of JAG Accreditation

 Tips to start your journey


Greener Endoscopy Network meeting

We are currently awaiting a date for the next Green Endoscopy Network meeting in 2024

Greener Endoscopy Network meeting October 2023 recording


The JAG Podcast: Greener Endoscopy with Leigh Donnelly 

In this episode of the JAG podcast, we are joined by Leigh Donnelly who is the Educational & Service Development Lead and Endoscopy Sustainability Lead for Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. We take an in depth look at sustainability within endoscopy services and discuss ways to help services improve.


We also find out Leigh’s top tips to help services achieve the JAG sustainability standard.

Listen to the Greener Endoscopy episode with Leigh Donnelly below


Resources to help you

GIN 28th Jan 2022 Green presentation.pdf- Managing sustainability & environmental impact in endoscopy presentation given by Leigh Donnelly to the GIN annual conference January 2022

ESGE Days 2022 Green presentation final.pdf A background to challenges presented by climate change within healthcare. Steps that services can take to start their journey to sustainable healthcare- by Leigh Donnelly - A background to healthcare sustainability and a link to the 'breaking the fever report' by J Isherwood, S Wong, T Hillman and A Goddard - A look at the effects of climate change and how it will impact life in the future

Join the Green Endoscopy Network

Join the Green Endoscopy network at the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare to find resources and collaborate on greening your endoscopy services. The Network brings together patients, clinicians, researchers, educators, students, and managers interested in sustainable endoscopy, and is free to join. 

See Sustainability 

Dr Matt Sawyer is a GP of over 17 years in the Northeast of England. He runs an environmental sustainability consultancy – SEE Sustainability – working to improve human and planetary health. He covers environmental issues facing healthcare including understanding our carbon emissions footprint and helping to produce roadmaps and action plans working to meet the Greener NHS net zero ambition.

Understanding planetary health and the impact delivery of healthcare has on the living world is important for all healthcare staff. Matt helps raise awareness and the practical actions that we can all take through delivery of online Carbon Literacy Project accredited Carbon Literacy courses for all healthcare staff across primary and secondary care. See for more details. 

Tell us your story

We would love to hear about your journey towards a more sustainable service. Tell us about the ups and the downs and about the hurdles you have overcome as a team. Get in touch via our email, and we will feature your story in the news section of our website. 

Check out Royal Bournemouth Hospital's green endoscopy journey here 

For more information or to suggest further resources, email


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