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`Setting up in Your Trust

The process for setting up the e-Portfolio is straight forward. As it is a web-based tool, your IT department does not need to be involved as there is no software etc.

To get the e-Portfolio setup in your Trust, a Training Lead and Administrator will need to be identified who will co-ordinate the local roll out. They will need to contact the JAG Office who will enable the trust on the website and provide the logon details and then add the individual trainees and trainers will to the system and set their certification levels.
Once these steps have been completed, the trainees can add procedures to their e-Portfolio, the trainers can submit DOPS forms and review their trainees’ performance and the training lead can monitor the training within the trust.
Further details on the implementation process, the role of the Trust Lead and Administrator and system user guides can be found in the Download Centre. Support is also available from the e-Portfolio Forum and the Regional Lead.
JAG Office Contact details for application:
Telephone: 020 3075 1620
email: AskJETS@rcplondon.ac.uk