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JAG Accredited Units

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 Acute Hospital   

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Assessed: Criteria Met 
118   30     6    0     0   1     3 158
Assessed: Improvements required   39     1     1    0     0  4     0   45
Assessed: Accreditation not awarded     21     1     0    0     0   0     1     23
QA Process     7    1     0    0     0   0     0     8
Not Assessed: Visit pending   15     11     5    0     0
    0   31
Not Assessed   15 121   41 6   46
Total 215 165   53    6   46  17   22 524
Last updated 4 July 2014

The table below lists the unit's current JAG accreditation status. You can search the list by Unit Name and Contact by simply entering the details you are interested in in the boxes at the top of the columns and pressing Return. The navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen allow you to scroll through the pages.

Unit Name
Approval Status
Aberdeen Royal Infirmary
Margo Mcmillan
Not Assessed
Aboyne Community Hospital
Faye Stephen
Not Assessed
Addenbrooke's Hospital
Gill Love
Assessed: Criteria met
Airedale General Hospital
Samantha Butterfield
Assessed: Criteria met
Alder Hey Hospital
Not Assessed
Alexandra Hospital
Karen Jefferies
Assessed: Improvements required
Alnwick Infirmary
Dee Dunn
Not Assessed
Altnagelvin Hospital
Christine Thompson
Assessed: Improvements required
Andover War Memorial Hospital
Jenny Rogers
Not assessed: Visit pending
Antrim Hospital
Colin Rodgers
Not Assessed
Ards Hospital
Barbara Simpson
Not Assessed
Arrowe Park Hospital
Beverly Oates
Assessed: Improvements required
Ashtead Hospital
Bob Cornelius
Not assessed: Visit pending
Axminster Hospital
Janet Mckay
Not Assessed
Ayrshire Hospital
Audrey Anderson
Not Assessed
Balfour Hospital
Caesar Zawal
Not Assessed
Barnet Hospital
Deborah Williams
Assessed: Accreditation not awarded
Barnsley District General Hospital
Anthony Chappell
Assessed: Improvements required
Basildon University Hospital
Denis Lindo
Assessed: Improvements required
Basingstoke And North Hampshire Hospital DTC
Cherrylyn Tauro
Assessed: Criteria met
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Not Assessed - the unit has not yet undergone a JAG assessment, or has been previously accredited but their accreditation has since lapsed.

Not Assessed: visit Pending - the unit has not yet undergone a JAG assessment, but has a visit scheduled or is in the process of arranging a visit.

QA Process: the unit has been assessed and is at the post assessment quality assurance stage.

Assessed: criteria met - the unit has been assessed and has met all of the JAG accreditation criteria and is accredited for one year.

Assessed: improvements required - the unit has been assessed and does not meet all of the JAG criteria. JAG accreditation is deferred to allow the unit to make improvements. A review by documentation or a re-visit will take place following a maximum period of 6 months.

Assessed: accreditation not awarded - the unit has been assessed, but did not met the JAG criteria following the JAG Assessment visit and the maximum improvements required period of six months.