National Endoscopy Database

The National Endoscopy Database (NED) is populated by data extracted automatically from the endoscopy reporting system (ERS) at endoscopy services in the UK. NED makes data available in user-friendly outputs for clinicians and services. Since the introduction of NED in 2016, there have been over 10 million procedures uploaded. This data can be used for individual performance evaluation, service auditing and wider research, and enhance the JAG endoscopy training system (JETS) by automatically uploading procedures into JETS for select procedure types, removing the need for manual entry.


Visit the National Endoscopy Database website here!

The National Endoscopy Database aims to address unwanted variation in endoscopy performance by providing access to highly detailed and robust performance analytics and reports, benchmarked against national standards. Using the NED dashboard, endoscopists can easily review their own key performance indicators (KPI's) set against the British Society of Gastroenterology's (BSG) standards. This also provides the level of transparency necessary to identify underperformance and variation. These insights are critical to improving endoscopy quality and patient safety across the UK, which is why the commitment to uploading to NED is a requirement for JAG accreditation.

NED helps to:

  • Provide benchmarked endoscopy performance reports, allowing endoscopists, providers and commissioners to identify and act on potential issues rapidly
  • Seamlessly automate real time capture of clinical data directly from a variety of endoscopy reporting systems (ERS)
  • Introduce a way to compare endoscopy procedures from across the country - functioning as a critical quality and improvement evaluation tool

There are currently 519 sites uploading to NED, including over 300 sites on the latest NEDi2 schema. NEDi2 captures a wider dataset as well as extra procedure types including ERCP, EUS and enteroscopy. The dataset will support audit and KPI reporting in line with recent BSG and ESGE guidance on quality assurance of upper GI endoscopy, ERCP and EUS. A broader range of colonoscopy metrics is also supported. The NEDi2 dataset was developed following extensive consultation with the UK endoscopy community and ERS manufacturers.


NED upload process

Data is extracted from a service's local Endoscopy reporting system (ERS). Reports sent are already anonymised, and only include a patient's age and gender, removing the need to anonymise data on NED. Consequently, it will not be necessary to seek the patient's consent. Any reports sent via live compliant software will also be recorded into JETS, meaning double procedure entry is not needed for trainees on the certification pathways. An updated list of ERS' that are currently compliant and using live software versions, along with criteria to maintain this status, can be found on the NED website.


Any procedures without all the required data will come through as an error, and a report is sent back to the service/software supplier. This allows users to go back in and complete the procedure data fully, to ensure accurate reporting. Once procedures are uploaded to NED, the system will use the identifier linked to the procedure to assign this to a JETS/NED account with the same professional body code. The data can then be displayed on both the endoscopist and the organisation dashboard. 



Frequently Asked Questions


 Who will see my data? +

Consultants will only be able to view their own data. Local or regional administrators will be able to view data only from within their organisation or region. Endoscopists will be uniquely identified by their GMC/NMC or other membership number. Users will view performance data via the NED website. This will be in a similar format to the existing JETS e-portfolio facility.

Endoscopists not willing to be identified by their GMC/NMC number will need to inform JAG of their name and GMC/NMC number. They will then be added to the exclude table in NED where their data will be loaded, but assigned a “dummy” identifier.

How do I download my reports from NED? +

Once logged into NED, locate the KPI page which will show your procedure data dashboard, you can use the filters to bring up the data you require. You can filter by organisation/site, procedure, date ranges and endoscopist role. NED allows KPI's to be exported to an Excel document using the 'Export to Excel' function.

My procedures are not loading into NED. What should I do? +

Please check if you are using the NED pilot site to view your data:

If you are not getting your procedures through to NED, you should first check to ensure your professional body code matches with JETS/NED and your local endoscopy reporting system. Your local NED lead should be able to help you with this, and also to confirm they are sending procedures through for you. The next step would be for the ERS to confirm your procedures are successfully going through to NED. They will be able to see any error reports for procedures and inform you if any procedures are not successfully uploaded.

If you do not have a JETS/NED account, your procedures may be uploaded as 'Unregistered Endoscopist' until registration is completed. Should you have followed all these steps, and are still not seeing any procedures, you should get in touch with the NED team.

You cannot manually add sites and procedures directly in to NED. 

Why is my data not matching our local records? +

Due to the way data is recorded, there will always be small discrepancies within datasets on NED compared to local records. Differences can come from errors in uploads, data entry issues and also exact reporting of KPIs. If you find your KPIs are completely wrong, please report this to both your endoscopy reporting software supplier, and also the NED team, with as much data as possible, to be able to cross-check. 

What procedures are recorded on NED? +

OGD, Colonoscopy and Flexible sigmoidoscopy have always been recorded by NED. The new iteration, NEDi2, also includes full datasets for EUS, ERCP and Enterology. If you are not currently seeing these procedures on NED, please check which iteration your organisation is using. 


NED procedures on JETS +

Procedures loaded into NED will only upload to JETS if they are uploaded via NEDi2 compliant software. If your procedures are showing on the NED pilot site, but not JETS you will be required to manually upload these procedures on JETS. 


I am a lead at my organisation. How can I see the service data? +

If you require access to endoscopists data at your service, please contact us with your job role, and service details. Access is available at organisation and service level. 



Listen to the JAG podcast with National Endoscopy Database Chair, Dr Tom Lee, below.


For more information on NED, you can find additional FAQ and service documentation on the NED website.

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