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National census of UK endoscopy services in 2019
25 June 2020

The 2017 Joint Advisory Group on Gastrointestinal (GI) Endoscopy (JAG) census highlighted the pressure endoscopy services were under in meeting national targets and the factors behind this. In 2019, JAG conducted a further national census of endoscopy services to understand trends in activity, workforce and waiting time targets. An analysis of data submitted by services was recently published in Frontline Gastroenterology.

In addition, we've partnered with Imperial College Health Partners to develop an interactive dashboard that represents the results of the 2019 census. It enables services to compare key indicators in endoscopy and benchmark yourindividual practice with national results. ‚Äč


Significance of this study

The last census in 2017 highlighted the increasing burden on endoscopy services and the areas of workforce, activity and planning that could benefit from improvement.

What this study adds:
This census is the first to highlight the trends in activity, workforce and wait times across UK endoscopy services. Our results provide an updated view of how endoscopy services are working and responding to the pressure of increasing demand. Waiting times have worsened and fewer trainee lists are dedicated for training. There are strategies employed by services to counteract this through more capacity planning, increased workforce recruitment and insourcing.

How might it impact on clinical practice in the foreseeable future:
The results of the census provide a unique view of the working patterns of endoscopy services nationally. Understanding this helps us to identify areas to improve on in order to ensure services meet standards. Furthermore, services are under unprecedented pressure due to COVID-19 and these results may provide areas to focus on over the coming months.


Read the full publication in Frontline Gastroenterology. 



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