JAG has collated the following key documents from accredited services for use by services preparing for accreditation. These documents should be used as examples of good practice and should be modified to be suitable for individual services.

If your service has examples of good practice which you think could be added here then please let us know. JAG would like to thank the services which have provided the below documents.

Resources relating to the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 recovery strategy from St Mark's Hospital

SOP: COVID-19 swabbing prior to endoscopy from St Mark's Hospital

Post procedure questionnaire from St Mark's Hospital

Swab WI endoscopy screening SOP from St Mark's Hospital

Daily template check sheet from St Mark's Hospital

Operational policy

Operational policy (1)

Operational policy (2)

Role descriptions

Role description - clinical lead

Role description - training lead (1)

Role description - training lead (2)

Role description - management lead

EUG template

EUG terms of reference

EUG agenda

EUG minutes

Nurse consent story board

Nurse-led consent for diagnostic gastroscopy storyboard

Staff survey template

Satisfaction survey - patients

Satisfaction survey - staff

Virtual polyp clinic guidelines

Virtual polyp clinic guidelines

Action plan template

Action plan

Audit examples

Audit summary example - colonoscopy

Audit summary example - bowel prep

Audit summary example - GI follow up

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