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Best Practice Tariff

BPT Tables FY2013-14 (ZIP 2.11 MB)
BPT Tables FY2014-15 (ZIP 825.62 KB)
BPT Tables FY2015-16 (ZIP 882.67 KB)

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Briefing Pack


DOPS Forms For International and reference use only

Formative DOPS_ERCP (PDF 424.8 KB)
Formative DOPS_EUS (PDF 353.54 KB)
Formative DOPS_PEG (PDF 378.63 KB)
Thumbs (DB 27.5 KB)

Global Rating Scale (GRS) - adult

Global Rating Scale (GRS) - paediatric

Improving Safety and Reducing Error in Endoscopy (ISREE)

Increasing demand and waiting times for endoscopy patients letter

dh_rapid review133058 (PDF 577.08 KB)
Endoscopy points (PPTX 71 KB)
Productivity outputs2017 (DOCX 289.59 KB)


JAG approved training courses

JETS course overview v3.0 (PDF 921.61 KB)

JAG certification for paediatric trainees

JAG Certification for trainees

JAG training information

ENTS handbook v2 (PDF 190.69 KB)

JETS User guides and site information

Lay Assessor Information

National Policies and Reports


JETS Workforce update (PDF 115.71 KB)

Policies and Guidance



Unit Resources

NatSSIPs-safety-standards (PDF 580.22 KB)

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