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This page is regularly updated with information about JAG's programmes, as well as external guidance produced by other organisations in response to COVID-19.

COVID-19 guidance

Documents and templates

JAG has collated documents from endoscopy services to share best practice, available on the JAG resources page. These are not endorsed by JAG and should be reviewed and applied appropriately. If you have a document you would like to share then please get in touch.

JAG programmes

JAG accreditation assessments

JAG has restarted accreditation assessments after a 6 month pause due to COVID-19. All services can now request an assessment once they have met the standards and uploaded their evidence to their self-assessment.

We have reviewed the assessment pathway to ensure the safety of patients, staff and assessors, and to support services as they gain accreditation. You can find detailed guidance on the accreditation pathway changes here.

JAG accreditation training days

JAG is providing online training sessions for the remainder of 2020. You can find further information about these days listed on the JAG website.


Bowel cancer screener accreditation assessments

Accreditation assessments for screening colonoscopy are being organised. Candidates who have completed their application, and have taken and passed their MCQ (which can be done in the candidates' local screening centre), will be contacted by a member of the JAG team to arrange their colonoscopy assessment date. Candidates who are yet to apply, should do so following the standard process outlined on our website

Candidates will be offered assessment dates on a first come, first served basis. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 a number of assessments needed to be cancelled and as a result there is an increased demand for assessment dates. If an individual needs to be prioritised for an assessment, this will need to be discussed initially by the screening centre, commissioners and regional SQAS teams to understand the specific reasons. Regional SQAS should then make the recommendation to national SQAS who will contact the accreditation team at JAG. The accreditation team will only take instructions to prioritise a candidate from the national SQAS team at PHE.

Bowel Scope accreditation is not being offered until further notice. 

We are aware of the impact of any delays in offering accreditation on centres and candidates and would like to thank you all for your continued support.

JAG certification extension

The certification criteria have been amended to support trainees who may not have access to training recently.

  • The criteria to have completed 15 procedures in the last 3 months is extended to 15 procedures in the 6 months prior to applying for certification.
  • The procedure KPIs are calculated from 6 months data rather than 3 months data. 
  • Trainees are expected to complete a minimum of 5 procedures in the 6 weeks prior to applying for certification. 
  • The window for submission of all four summative Direct Observation of Procedure Skills (DOPS) forms has been extended from 1 month to 6 weeks. 

JAG certification requirements are informed by the evidence base available to guide the criteria for each procedure. This is key to ensuring high quality endoscopy and therefore maintaining patient safety. To reflect this, and to ensure consistency, all other certification criteria are not being altered.

Training courses at JAG approved training centres

Training courses are being advertised via when available. 

The JAG team, in collaboration with training centres, are looking to develop further resources to support training. All trainees are encouraged to complete the relevant e-learning available via

Further guidance

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