BCS accreditation

The Bowel Cancer Screening Programme (BCSP) began operating in England in 2006 with the aim to increase early detection and reduce mortality. To ensure endoscopists working within the programme are of a consistently high standard, all endoscopists must be accredited. JAG provides the quality assurance accreditation of endoscopists on behalf of NHS England and NHS Wales.

Applicants must be attached to a screening centre and have been approved to participate by the National Cancer Screening Programmes Office. To be awarded bowel screener accreditation an endoscopist must:

    •       be nominated by their local team
    •       complete an application form to demonstrate they meet criteria, which show they are meeting nationally agreed standards
    •       undertake and pass an assessment involving;
    •       online knowledge test 
    •       practical assessment of technical and non technical skills completed by experienced assessors.

Full details of the assessment process can be found on our bowel cancer screener accreditation website here

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