National Endoscopy Database

National Endoscopy Database (NED) aims to help improve endoscopy quality in the UK by electronically collecting endoscopy KPI data into a national data set

NED is a joint initiative between the Joint Advisory Group on gastrointestinal endoscopy (JAG), British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG), Association of Upper Gastrointestinal Surgeons (AUGIS) and Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland (ACPGBI), owned and hosted by the Royal College of Physicians (RCP). The aim is to pool data from each hospital’s endoscopy reporting system (ERS) to a single national database, to make endoscopy data accessible to endoscopists and services in a consistent format. NED operates with the goal to facilitate quality assurance, benchmarking, service evaluation and research. 

NED will:

  • Provide high quality, benchmarked endoscopy performance reports, allowing endoscopists, providers and commissioners to identify potential issues rapidly, permitting support to improve healthcare quality.
  • Seamlessly automate real time capture of clinical data directly, without requiring double entry of data, from a variety of endoscopy reporting systems (ERS’).
  • Introduce a way to compare endoscopy procedures from across the country - functioning as a critical quality and improvement evaluation tool​


 Name  Role on committee
 Matt Rutter  NED Committee chair
 Tom Lee  NED Clinical Lead
 Geoff Smith  JAG QA Training Working Group Chair
 Christopher Healey  JAG QA Units Working Group Chair
 Paul Dunckley  QAT representative
 Peter Rogers   Technical Lead - Weblogik
 Raphael Broughton  JAG - Senior Programme manager
 Julie Solomon  BSG Endoscopy Head of Research and learning
 Keith Siau  JAG clinical fellow
 Shiran Esmaily  Trainee representative
 James Docherty  Surgical representative
 James East  Chair of JAG Research Committee

The development of NED is documented in the NED paper 'Development of a National Automated Endoscopy Database: The United Kingdom National Endoscopy Database (NED)'. You can view this here

For more information on NED, please see the NED website. To read the Terms of Reference, please visit our downloads centre here.​

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