PRSAS Assessor Training Day
Monday 24 February
10am - 4pm

Royal College of Physicians, London

We are now recruiting for the first round of assessors!

Attendance to the training day will be by invitation only.


To be considered for the post of assessor, please complete the application form via the link below and email it to  We will only be taking on a maximum of 15 assessors this round.

PRSAS training day - How to prepare for accreditation
Monday 30 March
10am - 4pm

Royal College of Physicians, London

The PRSAS team will be holding a 'How to Prepare for Accreditation' training day for services registered for the programme. The training day will provide further information on the PRSAS accreditation programme; helping delegates understand the standards and evidence requirements to achieve PRSAS accreditation. By the end of the training day, attendees will have: 

  • gained a thorough understanding of the accreditation pathway and how the assessment works
  • learned how to use the web tool to support the process
  • explored the standards in depth and discussed how to overcome common challenges
  • developed an effective plan to support their service
  • connected with other PR professionals, gaining peer support and advice.

If you are registered for the programme and wish to come along, complete the following form and send to the PRSAS team:

Please read carefully and take any action requested - this message will not be shown the next time you log in