JETS workforce

The JETS Workforce Programme aims to update the workforce on service developments in endoscopy to ensure a structured approach to training, assessments, and appraisals.

The new JETS workforce e-portfolio will provide a competency framework to enable trainee nurse endoscopists to evidence their performance. The programme will cover 10 modules in total, including a foundation level course, ENDO1, designed to help support trainees complete their foundation level of the JETS workforce competency framework. JETS workforce will replace the existing Gastrointenstinal Endoscopy for Nurses (GIN) platform. It should be noted that any existing content uploaded to GIN will not be transferred to JETS workforce. The JAG office anticipates a 6 month overlap period in which all trainees are expected to re-upload their evidence and past activity. 16 services are currently piloting JETS workforce with an aim to roll out nationally towards the end of April 2019. Further information will follow in due course. 

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