How to apply for JAG data

Important notice

We are not currently able to accept and process research applications. We hope to begin accepting applications again in September 2021. Our apologies in advance for the delay to this feature.

We are committed to sharing the data we collect to enable and facilitate research and service evaluation. 

The process for applying to JAG data is shown below. If you would like to apply for data, please complete and return the application form.

What type of data can I request?

JAG collect data relating to our various programmes. The type of data that we can share for research and service evaluation is outlined below. 

Data source      Data type Type of data available


 Trainee and trainer 

Number of trainees achieving JAG certification

Number of training lists provided

DOPS completion and scoring procedure numbers     

NED Endoscopy data

Number of procedures completed

Number of endoscopists

JAG  Service dataAccreditation status of services
BCSA Screener accreditation     Number of accredited screening endoscopists

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