Biennial census 2021

In April 2021 we are asking all UK endoscopy services to provide data to us on their activity, workforce, waiting times, safety and also some detail around the impact of COVID-19. 


How will data from the census be shared?

The aim of collecting the data is to use it to enable us to provide the best possible support to services. We will be using the data as below:


  • Aggregated data will be published in a research paper.
  • Data provided will be made available to services via a dashboard. 
  • We will use the data to inform our work and to guide future activity.  

An example of the outputs can be seen from the data we shared from the 2019 iteration of this census.  

The information provided for this census will not be used as part of any assessment of your service and will not impact on JAG accreditation status. 

NHS Improvement and NHS England 

NHS Improvement and England will use data from English acute services to support decision making regarding further investment in endoscopy, for example as part of developing regional endoscopy networks and training academies. 

Services in London

NHS London will use data from NHS services in London. NHS London is developing an ambitious diagnostic strategy to grow capacity and implement the recommendations from the Richard’s review, including the creation of 'Community Diagnostic Hubs'. London’s five Integrated Care Systems (ICS) have established endoscopy networks to guide the strategic development and expansion of endoscopy services across London.


In order to develop plans for endoscopy service development over the next 6,12 and 24 month; each ICS network and the NHS London regional team need to understand the baseline position in each trust for endoscopy workforce and assets. Following discussion with JAG, and with the intention to avoid multiple data collections to minimise the burden on individual services and trusts, it has been agreed that the biennial JAG census will be used to provide this baseline of endoscopy workforce and assets to London’s ICS.


JAG will therefore share the information collected from London endoscopy units via the biennial census with the NHS London regional team and London’s five ICS Endoscopy networks to support demand and capacity planning.


If you do not want your service level data from this census to be shared, please contact

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