Independent endoscopists

There are no mandatory criteria that non-training-grade endoscopists who are already practising independently must meet to practice endoscopic procedures. There is however a professional obligation to practise endoscopy to acceptable standards and in the best interest of patients.

The JAG certification process is for UK endoscopists in training only. The text below offers guidance on frequently asked questions that we receive from experienced endoscopists.

1. I am an independent endoscopist, can I get JAG certification for colonoscopy?

Answer: No. JAG certification is not appropriate for an experienced independent endoscopist. JAG certification is designed for UK trainees, there is no shortcut for trainees from outside our training system and it is not appropriate for established endoscopists.

2. I am an independent endoscopist but did not get JAG certification before becoming independent. How can I demonstrate that I am competent when I apply for a new job?

Answer: The way to demonstrate your competence is to keep records of your performance data.

For colonoscopy this would include your key performance indicators such as caecal intubation rates, sedation rates, comfort scores etc. You should also keep a record of any complications or adverse events and engage with your local endoscopy audit process.

It is good practice for a new employer to assess your endoscopic skills before you start to practise independently in a new unit. JAG certification is not a mandatory requirement for experienced endoscopists. This guidance also applies to endoscopists who have trained abroad or became independent before the new JAG certification process was in place.

3. I have started my endoscopy training in another system/country and I am not yet independent; how can I achieve JAG certification?

Answer: There are no shortcuts to achieving JAG certification. Certification can only be given if all criteria are met. Certification can only be applied for when working in a UK hospital. 

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