The JETS (JAG Endoscopy Training System) programme certifies trainees to undertake common procedures and hosts approved training


JETS is an electronic e-portfolio for trainees to record their endoscopic experience and demonstrate their performance, progression and competencies. It facilitates the formative and summative assessment processes and helps to ensure that trainees receive the appropriate quantity and quality of training. JETS is sponsored and run by the JAG, specifically the QA of Training Working Group. For further information about the QATWG, please click here

JAG currently provides certification in:

  • Diagnostic Upper GI Endoscopy (OGD)
  • Colonoscopy (Level 1 and 2)
  • Flexible Sigmoidoscopy.

There is currently work in developing a certification process for ERCP, EUS, and GI bleeds.

The e-Portfolio overview

The e-Portfolio allows trainers to review their trainees’ portfolios and current training requirements and tailor their training episodes to focus on specific learning objectives thereby increasing the efficiency of endoscopy training. Trainers can utilise the system to monitor the anonymous feedback left by trainees, review a summary of the training they have provided and the outputs from DOTs (Direct Observation of Training) peer reviews, all of which can be used for appraisals. The training leads have further functionality, including being able to review the performance of independently practicing trainee endoscopists to ensure that they are achieving key performance indicators. The training lead’s summary screen also supports dedicated training list allocation meetings, monitoring the training received by trainees and several items on the training GRS.

For more information on JETS, please see the JETS website.

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