JAG briefings

 JAG is publishing a range of briefings to provide guidance to services about all aspects of  JAG accreditation, JETS, JETS Workforce, NED and SAAS. All briefings will be listed here, posted on our website and tweeted on the JAG twitter account.

 JAG briefing 18/01: Use of endoscopy as an inpatient area

This briefing clarifies JAG's position on the use of endoscopy as an inpatient area, and explains how this may affect a service's accreditation status.

 JAG briefing 18/02: JAG accreditation and the National Endoscopy Database (NED)

This briefing explains how the implementation of NED will affect a service's accreditation status and the steps services need to take remain accredited or be eligible to become accredited. This briefing has been removed pending an update.

 JAG briefing 18/03: changes to the accreditation pathway for accredited services

This briefing details the changes made to the accreditation pathway for accredited services, and how services will benefit from this change.

JAG briefing 18/04: JAG approved Regional Training Centres and JAG accreditation

This guidance sets out what is expected of regional training centres to ensure local patient care is optimised whilst providing  JAG approved endoscopy courses. 

JAG briefing 18/05: trans nasal endoscopy

This briefing aims to provide guidance to ensure that trans nasal endoscopy services are undertaken in the same high quality and safe manner as trans oral endoscopy.  


JAG briefing 18/06: increasing demand and waiting times

This briefing provides an update on agreed waiting time tolerances for NHS services to continue for a further 12 months until November 2019. 


 JAG briefing 19/01: sharing information with JAG

This document provides guidance to service when sharing information with JAG as part of an accreditation assessment.


Future briefings

Future briefings include:

  • Guidance on training plans for all staff
  • Insourcing and outsourcing
  • Timeliness
  • JAG in Wales
  • JAG in NI
  • JAG in Scotland
  • JAG in Ireland
  • Applying accreditation to the independent sector

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