What we do

The PRSAS scheme enables services to:

  • adhere to professional standards of best practice
  • identify sub-optimal practice so it may be improved
  • receive independent validation that they satisfy standards of quality.

A number of the schemes managed by the Royal College of Physicians are recognised by the CQC, and we are aiming for PRSAS to be recognised in due course. This will mean that the accreditation status of a pulmonary rehabilitation service will be taken into account when inspecting a hospital, potentially resulting in a lighter-touch inspection."Accreditation and peer review already play an important role in quality improvement in areas such as mental health, diagnostics and cancer and I strongly believe that such schemes have a key role to play in the future of hospital inspection. We need to use information from these schemes to feed directly into CQC monitoring processes and the development of trust-specific key lines of enquiry for use at inspections."Professor Sir Mike Richards CBE Chief Inspector of Hospitals, CQC

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