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JAG 30th Anniversary
31 May 2024

Reflections from JAG accreditation chair Mark Jarvis

We asked  JAG accreditation chair Mark Jarvis to reflect on his involvement with JAG over the years and what JAG means to him.


"I have worked with JAG for 8 years. I was recruited as a technical assessor following a successful inspection visit to Basildon. I am now accreditation Chair.  


Use of key performance indicators to improve endoscopy performance has always appealed to me. I had used this mechanism to improve personal and departmental endoscopy quality. Acting on KPIs and providing sound clinical governance lie at the heart of what we do in JAG. Through my work as an inspector, I have enjoyed seeing tangible improvement within departments through application of JAG principles. 


As accreditation chair I have seen improved assessor focus on ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio Pancreatography). We are proud to introduce a streamlined, clinically focussed and more robust annual review process. Additionally, we now enjoy closer working with BSG and NHS-E. 


In JAG, I have greatly enjoyed working with a dedicated team with a real passion for endoscopy and a strong drive to do their best for services. I am proud to be part of an organisation that has done so much for Quality within endoscopy."


Dr Mark Jarvis, JAG Accreditation Chair


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