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Mandating JETS Workforce
14 April 2023

Changes to the JAG accreditation standards

We would like to make all JAG registered services aware of a future change to the JAG standards. By October 2024 the JAG programme will be mandating elements of JETS Workforce training programme for services in the UK.   

What is changing?

From 1 October 2024 any service applying for accreditation or reaccreditation will need to demonstrate that 10% of all healthcare professionals (includes band 2-8) involved in the endoscopy patient pathway have:


This will be a level B standard and a requirement for services to achieve/maintain accreditation. This percentage will increase to 25% for all services from October 2025.

In addition, to this standard, we have added a level A standard that stipulates that 10% of staff in a service to have completed the level one JETS Workforce competencies, found on the JETS Workforce website. This standard is not a requirement for accreditation.

The revised standards can be found on our website. Please see page 56 for a full description of the standards.

Why are the standards changing?

JETS Workforce has evolved, rationalised, and matured since its inception in 2019. Over the past 4 years the program has been refined, tested, and simplified based upon wide feedback received from services and users.

The support from JAG has enabled JETS Workforce to now house e-learning theoretical modules, courses and a wide-reaching competency framework that can support staff progression from foundation level, through expansion to include advanced skills and those managing and leading services.

The standardisation of evidence-based workforce training and education and the inclusion of stakeholder groups in the development, implementation and evaluation of the program has enabled JETS Workforce to support patient safety, team communication, reflective practice and staff confidence and acknowledged competence of the workforce.

When will this change happen?

In anticipation of this change and to allow services to prepare, the JAG standards will be amended from April 2023 with the new standard appearing greyed out. Services will not be able to provide evidence for this standard until 1 October 2024. We strongly recommend that your staff start preparing for this change now.

What do staff need to complete?

E-learning modules
Prior to attending an ENDO1 course, delegates are required to complete nine e-Learning modules. These modules can be accessed on the e-Learning for health website. This will vary for services that work within the private sector. For further details on how to access the modules, visit our website for further information.

ENDO1 foundation and decontamination course
The ENDO1 course is a virtual course run by the JETS Workforce team and covers content including professional issues in endoscopy, consent, pre assessment, infection control, amongst others. The course lasts 2.5 hours and is run by trained faculty. If you wish to attend, please visit the JETS Workforce website to register. We have released new dates for the courses and more dates will follow.

Guidance for managers and training leads

Time commitment
In order for staff in your service to complete the requirements detailed above, they will need to be allocated time to complete the e-Learning modules and the ENDO1 course. The approximate time commitment is outlined below:

Access to JETS Workforce website

As managers you will need to ensure your service and your staff have access to the JETS Workforce website. There are three roles that need to be set up on the system to enable to you to see if your staff have completed the e-Learning modules and attended the ENDO1 course. Please ensure your staff are set up on the system with the below roles:

If you do not have a unit manager added on your site, please contact the JETS Workforce team, they can allocate this role for you on the website.

Completing the competencies

Once the above roles have been added onto the system, your staff can begin working on the JETS Workforce competencies. Without the above roles set up on the system staff are unable to have their evidence or their competencies signed off. A new set of competencies will be launched on Thursday 27 April 2023, so if you haven’t already made a start on the existing competencies, we recommend you make on the new set.

Support and resources available.

  • Attend one of our Introduction to JETS Workforce sessions, register for the next date.
  • Come along to our website demonstrations which take place every month, dates can be found on our events page.
  • Utilise our user guides which can be accessed once you’re logged onto the JETS Workforce website.

Further details about the programme can be found on the JETS Workforce website

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