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New episodes of The JAG Podcast are here!
18 December 2023

The JETS Workforce 5-year anniversary podcast is out now!


We're proud to announce a new episode celebrating 5 years of JETS Workforce is available for you to listen to. In this episode of the podcast we are joined by JETS Workforce Lead, Phedra Dodds to learn about the journey that JETS Workforce has taken over the last 5 years. You can access our podcast episodes through the Royal College of Physicians Podopia channel or by clicking on the links below.


JETS Workforce 5-year anniversary episode



If you have any questions or feedback on the podcasts, please feel free to reach out to us at 


We hope you enjoy listening to them and if you would like to listen to more episodes, you can do so below. We hope you find them useful in your journey towards accreditation.



Golden Jubilee's journey to accreditation  

In this episode of the podcast we catch up with Karen Boylan who is the National Endoscopy Training Programme Lead for NHS Scotland, to talk to her about Golden Jubilee's journey towards achieving JAG accreditation.

Golden Jubilee’s journey to accreditation (


Beacon Hospital's journey to accreditation 

In this episode of the JAG podcast, we are joined by Katie Hudson and Niamh Connor from Beacon Hospital in Dublin to talk to them about their journey towards achieving JAG accreditation.


Being an assessor for the Accreditation Unit (AU) at the Royal College of Physicians.

In this episode we are joined by AU assessor, Rachael Follows, who talks us through what it is like to be an assessor for the Accreditation Unit



Greener Endoscopy with Leigh Donnelly

In this episode of the JAG Podcast, we are joined by Leigh Donnelly, who is the Educational & Service Development Lead and Endoscopy Sustainability Lead for Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. We take an in depth look at sustainability within endoscopy services and discuss ways to help services improve.





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