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New guidance published on meeting the quality and safety standards
11 November 2019

JAG has reviewed the current guidance for services regarding the quality and safety standards. This is in recognition of changes in recent years including new clinical guidelines and the roll out of the national endoscopy database (NED), and incorporates findings from assessors undertaking JAG accreditation assessments. The changes aim to encourage the fullest participation in effective audit, to maximise the benefits of NED and to reduce burden on services. 

You can download the guidance on the JAG website.

Several developments are recognised in the new guidance. The main changes include:
- Removal of the requirement for 30 day mortality and 8 day readmission audits. This is due to the limited learning that they provide and difficulty in obtaining data.
- A new emphasis on the upper GI bleed audit template from NICE and new modalities including EUS and SBCE.
- Removal of the requirement for audits not possible through NED or where there is no current guidance. This includes PEG audit, biopsies for diarrhoea, haemostasis post therapy, stent insertion and dilatation.
- Inclusion of post colonoscopy colorectal cancer (PCCRC) analysis. This process is now considered a key metric by NHS England and is included in the data pack as part of Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT). 
- Updates to reflect the Improving Safety and Reducing Error in Endoscopy (ISREE) initiative.

Services will have 6 months for the new framework to become established in practice and flexibility will be given during accreditation assessments and annual reviews.

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