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New training pathway for capsule endoscopy
2 September 2019

We are close to releasing a standardised training pathway for ‚Äčcapsule endoscopy. This will include a certification process for those training in capsule endoscopy to complete to demonstrate their competence to work independently. To be certified, an individual will need to satisfactorily complete:

  • formative and summative DOPS 
  • elearning modules 
  • 1-day JAG approved basic skills in capsule endoscopy course 
  • 1-hour knowledge based online assessment
We have incorporated feedback from stakeholders on the process and certification standards and are now finalising details, working on the necessary IT developments and creating supporting documentation. We will keep you updated and let you know when candidates can start applying for certification.

In the meantime, all those training in capsule endscopy are encouraged to complete formative DOPS on the JETS website. Your training lead or administrator can amend your certification levels to allow you to access DOPS for ‘Small bowel video capsule endoscopy’.

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