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Obituary for Tina Bradley
21 September 2020

JAG was saddened to hear of the death of Tina Bradley on Tuesday 25th August. Tina was a Biomedical Scientist and manager of the infection research laboratory at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. 

Although her name may not be familiar to many, she is responsible for providing much of the evidence that supports routine endoscopic decontamination practices across the UK today. Her knowledge on the infection prevention aspects of decontamination was second to none. The phrase ‘endorsed by Tina Bradley’ was quoted regularly by industry colleagues as a marker of quality. For over a quarter of a century she contributed in one form or another to much of the UK guidance documents published in this field. She supported JAG and IHEEM in creating an audit tool to measure the quality and safety of decontamination services as part of the accreditation pathway. 

She was a familiar figure on education, scientific and conference organising committees for so many societies and was an active member of numerable guideline working groups. She was passionate about teaching and education and shared her expertise and knowledge widely including supporting a number of free training work-shops for decontamination technicians and lecturing nationally and internationally. She contributed to the World Health Organisations manual on safe practices in decontamination. 

Her sense of humour was the only thing ‘infectious’ about Tina. She was a selfless person who saw everyone as equal with a valued opinion whether she agreed with it or not! She will be sadly missed by her many friends and colleagues across the globe.

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