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Respond to the GRS standards update
23 February 2021

We have updated the GRS and simplified the process for services as they work towards accreditation. These standards will be launching in time for the April 2021 census and we would like to seek your feedback before this. Preview the new GRS standards here.


What's new with the GRS standards?

> We have simplified the standards where possible to make it easier for endoscopy services to benchmark practice.

> There is only one set of standards to achieve accreditation. We have absorbed the quality assurance standards (used during service assessment) back into the GRS standards

> It will take less time for services to complete the GRS.


We need your feedback


We would like to gather any feedback from you regarding the updated GRS standards and be very grateful if you could contribute to this consultation, either personally or on behalf of your organisation.

The consultation will close on Friday 12 March.


Please follow this link to respond to the GRS standards consultation


If you have any questions regarding the updated GRS, please contact Emma Robinson, JAG Senior Project Coordinator.




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