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Update for services uploading to NED
2 September 2019

There are now 393 units uploading to the National Endoscopy Database (NED). To find out whether your unit is uploading, search for your unit’s name via the interactive map on the NED website.

Clinical leads, and/or appropriate colleagues, can view trust/organisation level data with the ability to drill down to an individual endoscopists KPI’s. This is detailed in the NED roles and responsibilities document, which is available on the NED website. You can request this level of access by contacting us with the name, role and email address of the individual requiring service level access. Please also specify the name of the trust/organisation they require access to.

In order for procedures to map successfully to NED, all endoscopists in your service are required to register with NED/JETS. Endoscopists can register directly on the NED website. It is also important that the GMC/NMC or equivalent recorded on your local reporting system, matches the number recorded on their JETS profile.

NHS England trusts uploading to NED are eligible to take part in a research trial using NED data. JAG will launch a simple randomised control trial (RCT) aiming to see if automated feedback of enhanced NED performance data, to endoscopists and endoscopy units, results in improved performance. You can learn more about the project here.

We are seeking expressions of interest from units, please contact us to participate.  

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