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Biennial census 2021 - now open for completion!
1 April 2021

Our JAG biennial census is back and will be slightly different this year - mainly because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The census opens today and is available to complete on your assessment dashboard. You will have a month to complete this, census closing date on Friday 30 April. You can download and print our census questions here

We ask you to provide the data requested to enable us to collect key service intelligence on activity, workforce, waiting times, safety, and some detail around COVID-19. We are also asking some additional questions regarding out of hours service, the endoscopy equipment you have and decontamination. 

The census is mandatory to complete this year as it is essential information that will enable us to best support services and to help us to gain an understanding of the current position of endoscopy in the UK. Data collected will be made available to all services. An example of the outputs can be seen from the data we shared from the 2019 iteration of this census.  

The survey has been set up in such a way to make data entry both as easy as possible and consistent between services. Many fields have drop-down menus to assist. We hope that the information requested should not be difficult to provide as much of it is used in day to day operational management of services or is simply derived from endoscopy reporting systems.

Despite this effort, we are aware that gathering this information is time consuming and may require a number of your team to contribute. We would like to thank you and your team for your contribution to this key data collection exercise.

We look forward to your support in completing the census. If you have any questions, please contact the JAG team.


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